Direct Care Services

What Is Direct Care?

Direct care provides one-on-one therapy between the client and their Therapist. Direct care can be a highly effective because it allows the therapist to more accurately and precisely assess the needs of the individual. The therapist will also be able to directly implement the principles of ABA. There is no need to work in an indirect fashion to address the person’s need, as may be necessary in a group therapy setting.


Benefits of Direct Care

Direct care also allows the therapist to work with the rest of the client’s family to work on individual plans. The therapist and the family will work on a schedule to work on outside of therapy, which will improve the outcome of treatment. The other benefit stemming from this is that the schedule will ensure that there is some continuity of ABA therapy outside of the therapy sessions. The therapist should advise the parents on the best ways to implement the schedule and reinforce positive behaviors.


Direct care has the benefit of allowing the client to work toward independence more quickly. While the family and the therapist are still working with the client, an integral part of direct care is to teach the client ways to control their own behavior and emotions without external help. This sort of independence can be gained from a group therapy setting, but the process will be much slower and may not address the independence goals that a specific client should be aiming for.


Direct Care's Benefits In The Classroom

Direct care helps to reduce some of the troubles a client with autism may face in the classroom setting. The client may have trouble listening to and absorbing the information shared by the teacher, and the client may encounter issues working with and comparing work with other classmates. With direct care, these skills can be addressed and improved. This treatment will also allow the client to compare improvement only to how they were before treatment began, helping self-esteem.


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