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Proudly serving the Worcester County area, New Beginnings is a professional group of ABA specialists and behavioral care providers who understand the importance of a personalized approach; specifically tailoring services to meet the needs of each child.

Focused Areas of Expertise

In-Home Direct Services

Our direct services target self-care and life skills that are important in a home setting. This may include proper hygienic upkeep, assembling and putting on an outfit, and the expansion of the individuals skills to advocate for themselves.

Social Skill Groups

Social skills groups create an opportunity for our clients to interact with one another in a controlled setting. This allows the individual to gain important social skills such as sharing, group decision making and proper individual behavior when in a social setting.

School Readiness

Here at New Beginnings ABA, we understand the importance of your child not only feeling comfortable in a school setting, but also being able to flourish in one. School readiness skills include following instructions  and completing tasks, paying attention and responding to adults and planned learning in a group setting.

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